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Alexander Funds is a leading Melbourne-based boutique funds management firm, specialising in credit market investments for retail investors.  Their bespoke processes and products differentiate Alexander Funds from other firms in the market & enable a track record of outperformance as compared to their peers. A careful & tailored implementation and management approach is required to maintain their status as an innovator and a leader in their field.

At the core is a custom Risk Management platform which required a technological uplift to address certain limitations and modernise capabilities in analytics and enhanced portfolio and risk management.

To realise its objectives, Alexander Funds partnered with Revenite to implement a multi-phased engagement which included eliciting their unique business and functional requirements, definition of a Microsoft Azure target-state data platform architecture, implementation of metadata-driven data pipelines in Azure Data Factory, derivation of financial metrics via R and Python within Azure Databricks, provision of a data entry interface for forecasting via Power Apps and enterprise data visualisation with Microsoft Power BI.

The enhanced platform allowed for streamlined and automated processes alleviating key person dependency, maturation of data integrity via introduction of quality gates, promotion of the functional teams’ analytical maturity through self-service data consumption, and the establishment of a reliable and scalable infrastructure to support the industry-leading performance and growth of the organisation.

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