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Transparent & Ethical

We deliver Advanced Analytics that stand up to external scrutiny & consider moral outcomes for all.

Agnostic & Secure

We are versed in open source ML tools and major deep learning libraries, and are at home in both Python and R.

Unbiased Methods

We minimise reporting and selection biases through delivery methods that favour breadth and consider all data.

Fair & Diverse

We seek diverse representation on project teams and deliver with transparent stage-gates to reduce implicit bias.

Delivery of advanced analytic solutions requires a considered approach to ensure that the data assets provide tangible results and uphold societal expectations .

In complex enterprise environments, trusting the professionals, means minimising risk to reputational damage and loss of customer goodwill. Revenite staff are active participants in data ethics forums and attempt to minimise bias in built models through mechanisms such as data sanitisation, independent testing & review and delivering observable models.

Our delivery approach considers data sensitivity levels enabling data custodians to prioritise security controls and decide which data requires more stringent protection measures. This classification helps define the data handling, processing, storage, and disposal requirements. Our solutions consider attacks that could compromise the security of the system and fit within our customers regulatory requirements and mandates. In turn, these are often informed by standards such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Victorian Protective Data Security Standards (VPDSS) and NIST.

Additionally, privacy is essential for maintaining trust with customers and stakeholders. When individuals share their personal data with an organisation, they expect that it will be used in a responsible and transparent manner. Failure to protect privacy can damage an organisation’s reputation and erode trust with customers and other stakeholders.

Clients trust us with their data but choose us because we deliver with fairness and transparency in mind. As a matter of principle, where possible, we avoid using sensitive data, such as race or gender, and employ independent testing with users to ensure the model does not exhibit bias.

What our customers say about us.

"Invaluable & Transparent"

The Revenite team have been instrumental providing data platform and data governance services to our businesses for a number of years. The projects and support they’ve provided have proven invaluable in the success of our data and analytics function. They operate with the transparency and expertise that we seek from all partners & we’re glad to have them in our corner

"Clear & Committed"

Revenite is a trusted partner that we rely on for their clear communication and commitment to delivering results quickly. They were engaged to bring clarity to a complex program migrating a legacy enterprise warehouse to Azure Synapse. They worked in concert with Microsoft and my extended project team to deliver a pragmatic plan & roadmap.

"Practical & Efficient"

Revenite were introduced to help create a modern data warehousing and reporting solution overcoming our industry-specific limitations. Revenite created a reporting process that was both practical and efficient. Thanks to their expert guidance, our reporting is now centralised, streamlined, and automated, which has transformed how we make strategic and tactical decisions. I would highly recommend working with Revenite and look forward to a long partnership with them!

"Responsive & Experienced"

Revenite are exceptionally responsive and have provided highly experienced people who have hit the ground running, resulting in successful outcomes for our project.

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