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No one said balancing the security of your data assets and collaboration needs of your stakeholders would be easy. Discover how through fit-for-purpose policy, capability uplift and technology enablement we help our customers mature their organisations governance needs.

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Classify & Catalogue

We foster rapid data modelling and consumption through discovery & capture of critical master and meta-data

Business Glossary

We elicit clear and discoverable definitions for key business terms promoting inter-departmental analytics.

Regulatory Compliant

We reduce the regulatory burden through delivery of governance artefacts that decrease compliance risk.

Pragmatic Stewardship

We avoid dense documentation, choosing instead to right-size policies, frameworks and guidelines to help users do more with less.

Data governance remains a critical aspect of any advanced analytics solution as it enables proper management, protection, and ethical use of data.

Proper data governance allows for a clear understanding of data lineage, quality, and security, which in turn facilitates informed decision-making and minimises risks associated with data breaches and non-compliance. At Revenite, we understand the importance of data governance in advanced analytics, and we have a team of experts who specialise in developing and implementing effective data governance frameworks for top ASX-listed and public sector clients.

We know what it takes to uplift our customers data governance maturity. Through data quality assessments, data lineage enablement, regulatory compliance audits, and data security reviews we help our customers find success. In turn, through effective governance, our clients are better enabled to leverage their data for insights and achieve their business goals.

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"Invaluable & Transparent"

The Revenite team have been instrumental providing data platform and data governance services to our businesses for a number of years. The projects and support they’ve provided have proven invaluable in the success of our data and analytics function. They operate with the transparency and expertise that we seek from all partners & we’re glad to have them in our corner

"Clear & Committed"

Revenite is a trusted partner that we rely on for their clear communication and commitment to delivering results quickly. They were engaged to bring clarity to a complex program migrating a legacy enterprise warehouse to Azure Synapse. They worked in concert with Microsoft and my extended project team to deliver a pragmatic plan & roadmap.

"Practical & Efficient"

Revenite were introduced to help create a modern data warehousing and reporting solution overcoming our industry-specific limitations. Revenite created a reporting process that was both practical and efficient. Thanks to their expert guidance, our reporting is now centralised, streamlined, and automated, which has transformed how we make strategic and tactical decisions. I would highly recommend working with Revenite and look forward to a long partnership with them!

"Responsive & Experienced"

Revenite are exceptionally responsive and have provided highly experienced people who have hit the ground running, resulting in successful outcomes for our project.

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