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Databricks is an open platform for creating, deploying, and maintaining large-scale data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. It integrates with cloud storage and security, managing cloud infrastructure on your behalf.

The platform offers intuitive user interfaces, cost-effective compute resources, and scalable storage for running analytic queries. Administrators can set up SQL warehouses, allowing users to run queries without managing cloud complexities. SQL users can query lakehouse data using the SQL editor or notebooks, which also support Python and R. These notebooks enable users to embed visualizations, links, images, and commentary, facilitating easy sharing of insights.

Maintaining accessible, clean, and well-organized data is essential for building dashboards and AI applications. Databricks combines Apache Spark with Delta Lake and specialized tools to provide an efficient data engineering experience. Supporting common data engineering languages such as SQL and Python, it allows users to write ETL/ELT logic and schedule jobs with minimal effort.

Unity Catalog underpins these features, simplifying data governance for the lakehouse. Administrators can manage permissions through user interfaces or SQL syntax, securing data access without extensive cloud-native “Identity and Access Management” (IAM) and networking expertise. Unity Catalog also enables secure analytics and data sharing within and outside organizations.

In summary, Databricks offers a user-friendly platform for managing and analysing large-scale data, analytics, and AI solutions, integrating essential features for data governance, engineering, and analysis.

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