We augment services with leading tools & services to capture value for clients.

Revenite utilises cutting-edge industry-leading, cloud-based data tools and platforms for processing and transforming massive quantities of data and exploring data through machine learning models

Revenite is a key Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Databricks & Alation Partner with numerous staff already certified and tracking on senior learning paths across the stack.

'Solution' Partner

Microsoft Services form the backbone of most data solutions customers require. We've worked in Azure since day one and know how to accelerate and de-risk your data estate. Ask us how!

'Select' Partner

Amazon Web Services are a crucial component in the toolkit of many of our enterprise clients. We employ AWS' famous 'customer obsession' to help customers find success!

'Registered' Partner

Databricks helps our client scale to large data footprints & demanding compute workloads with ease.

'Technology' Partner

Alation is a Data Catalogue tool that acts as a force multiplier on our client data maturity journeys, fostering collaboration and shortening time to value.

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