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Munro Footwear Group (MFG) is a prominent and well-established footwear company. Its portfolio includes well-loved brands such as Diana Ferrari, Williams and Mountfords.

The business boasts a rich & storied history of innovation. In order to maintain its dominant position in the market, MFG has undergone several strategic technological transformations. A primary focus has been the implementation of a new Points-of-Sales (POS) System, which aims to achieve operational flexibility and mobility, enable agile and accessible data handling, while also enhancing team member and customer experience. Another pivotal initiative involves the establishment of a centralised data platform, which fosters efficient data management and caters to the growing demand for data-driven insights.

Throughout these endeavours, Revenite has served as a trusted partner, offering comprehensive support across various aspects of data management. The expertise encompassed data quality uplift support, data platform design employing the Microsoft Azure stack, a rich semantic layer based on an Industry data model (ARTS), set-up of a metadata-driven framework for management of data pipelines, integration with Google Analytics for analysis of customer interactions, and data governance maturation, improving data used in marketing campaigns.

Revenite ensured that the solutions are set-up and managed through adaptable and versatile frameworks, employing automated processes to guarantee the completeness, accuracy, and accessibility of data across both operational and analytical systems.

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