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Interpine Innovation is a New Zealand based company that sits on the intersect of forestry and IT. Leaders in their field, they provide mapping, Lidar, Forest Inventory and Harvesting Solutions to customers in agricultural, forestry and government sectors.

Operating a fleet of drones, Interpine’s innovative solutions couple high-resolution images with advanced analytics models, providing their customers access to real-world answers employing a technical value chain that starts with images & ends with insights.

Interpine have developed numerous machine learning models in-house and were looking to optimise the built models for better cost controls & performance, as well as modernise the way they are employed for customer outcomes.

Revenite were asked to assist in modernising their advanced analytics platform in order to reduce cost & complexity of operations and improve resilience of key data assets. Revenite worked in partnership with IT & key business stakeholders to establish the priorities for the uplift.

Initial scope was narrowed to a single forestry model as a primary candidate for the shift. Revenite delivered an audit assessment of the data model and downstream analytics assets. A clear roadmap comprised of multiple streams of uplift activities toward migration and modernisation was established & endorsed.

Toward the end of the engagement, Revenite supported the internal capability uplift of Interpine to enable self-sufficiency in implementation steps.

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