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Our client, an international vehicle manufacturer with a storied history of innovation & commitment to continuous improvement engaged us to assist with their Data Platform. The business is a multi-national and complex enterprise that handles, in-house, all elements of vehicle design, development, manufacture, delivery and after-sales support. Their data platform needs to support business critical use cases that cater to a tightly vertically integrated business relying on data provided by global supply chains and regional source systems.

Our client had an early and mature implementation of Databricks that was being used to manage data integrations, medallion layer and downstream data assets. Given the Databricks platform was designed and deployed some years prior, it lacked certain features and functionality made available. Concurrently, the businesses suspected there were gaps in the implemented solution spanning security, role-based access, and a lack of ownership of platform components.


Revenite was engaged on a Modern Data Platform Assessment that engaged core technical & business stakeholders & performed a bottom-up review of the services, systems, processes and roles that comprised the platform.

Working in close proximity with the vendor, Revenite led the assessment with identifying the right roles & stakeholders, business need assessment and documentation that existed in the space. What followed was a highly collaborative process aligning the direction and functional target state to internal business and compliance needs.

The output was a set of recommendations triaged against the discovered needs and mapped to a clear roadmap that employed, internal stakeholders and capability to deliver on the priority items. The outputs of the recommendations will enable the customer to uplift security, governance and accessibility of business data across the enterprise.

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