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Bank of Queensland (BOQ) is one of Australia’s leading regional banks. Following their acquisition of ME Bank in 2021, their new market capitalisation placed them squarely in ASX100.

Following the merger, BOQ kicked-off an enterprise Cloud Transformation Program, to rationalise ME Banks platforms & migrate an on-premises data platform to the cloud.

Given BOQ’s strategic partnership with Microsoft, BOQ sought to migrate one of their core on-premise legacy databases to Azure Synapse, with numerous upstream and downstream dependencies. This was a critical piece of work for BOQ, as the on-premises platform was end-of-life, posing financial and privacy risks to the bank.

Revenite were engaged as a strategic partner to assist ME Bank in assessing and planning the migration, and delivering feasibility components . As a Microsoft Data & AI Solution partner and financial services industry expert, Revenite leveraged best-practice approaches and frameworks to develop a migration roadmap for ME Bank. Revenites approach was balancing a low risk appetite, an environment abundant with third-party tools & internal timelines.

The migration plan was endorsed by leadership, related design decisions were approved at architecture, engineering & governance forums. Revenite were working with the BOQ engineering and architecture teams to drive the migration. The migration was further complicated by a parallel migration of legacy ME Bank source systems to cloud and dependencies with architectural guardrails established by parent cloud transformation program.

Revenite data architects have shaped and influenced the decisions to mitigate risks associated with parallel projects. They have liaised with BOQ infrastructure partners for resolving network communication challenges between legacy ME Bank data centres and BOQ target state platform in Azure. Particular emphasis has been placed by Revenite on elevating internal BOQ capability & minimising impact on users throughout the migration path.

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