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Future Fund Management Agency is a government sovereign fund with ~$200B under administration. They have embarked on a transformational body of work to support their investment and operational teams to continue making best decisions for the government workers they serve.

Revenite were engaged to provide a host of supporting and oversight activities ensuring the designed solution remains scalable and secure platform extensible into the future. Revenite were engaged to build a Reporting Framework, delivering data governance, self-service, mentoring & training, and pilot establishment activities.

Their focus was on embedment of Power BI across the organisation and the scaling of platforms, data pipelines and processes to support self-service across the organisation.

On commencement, it became apparent that the Reporting Strategy was not aligned to a clear and accepted Business Strategy. Revenite through identifying key actors across the business ran a series of workshop to realign Reporting Strategy to Business Vision and Strategy and ensured that the recommendations concerning provision of secure self-service were founded on immediate and future business needs.


This was a multi-vendor environment across an agency with hundreds of staff – Revenite worked with a number of providers to elicit requirement and validate the final strategy. Given the intrinsic link between processes and technology, parts of the business and executive management were widely consulted to ensure the self-service platform not only scaled to need but aligned with their aspirational target state capability.

Revenite delivered a scalable and secure self-service framework paving a way for creation of a platform for business to remain supported while augmenting their critical investment decisions.

Revenite remain engaged in the program building out the endorsed framework to the wider business.

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