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Trinity Grammar School, located in Kew, Victoria, is an independent, Anglican day school for boys. Established in 1903, the school has a long and distinguished history of providing quality education in the Anglican tradition. Trinity Grammar School prides itself on focusing on the learning environment, student interests and backgrounds, academic challenges and successes to foster academic excellence, character development, and a commitment to service.

The Kew campus offers a comprehensive educational program from the early learning through to Senior School. Trinity Grammar School is known for its strong emphasis on academic achievement, as well as its focus on co-curricular activities such as sports, arts, and community service.

Trinity Grammar had an established reporting portfolio for years oriented toward operational and curricular reporting. Through the years the framework served the staff & students to enable data-supported decision-making. Over time it became clear that the challenges present in the current state, mostly concerning the manual handling of data and limitation of prior tool posed limitation on ability of IT to service data requirements across the business.

Revenite, in partnership with Trinity IT leadership established that maturing their data estate and consolidation of their student management data into a central, modern, secure and governed platform would benefit staff and students alike. The aim was to uplift the governance and security of the platform, while automating a lot of the reports that had over time proliferated across the school.

Improving student & staff outcomes was a key strategic driver for the program. Revenite carried out an assessment to determine right fit platform, license model and data integration patterns. This initial phase of the work included a technical assessment, ascertaining staff capability and designing a platform which supported self-service and low code solutions.

From this assessment Revenite provided Trinity Grammar with a design and recommendation report which highlighted the implementation of a Microsoft Fabric OneLake platform to address their current and future needs. This platform included data integration from Dataverse to Microsoft Fabric OneLake and Student 360 reporting through Power BI.

Revenite designed and developed a data platform in close consultation with Microsoft. The solution included an automated data integration framework to load data from Dataverse into Fabric OneLake while retaining change history. The framework was built as a modular, meta-data driven framework to enable staff to bring additional data in over time without continually resorting to code.

The business semantic layer was built in Fabric Warehouse with the development of Student 360 reports delivered with Power BI.

Platform enabled secure role-based access for multiple roles across the college with a single interface for consumption of reports that cover student performance, attendance and pastoral care. Trinity retained an ability to include additional external users such as parents and students within the same data and access framework as their reporting matures on the new platform with time.

Additionally Revenite performed a round of documentation, handover and mentoring to ensure the platform remains supported and functioning without continued reliance on a third party.

Revenite continues to partner with Trinity on their data intiatives and provide support where needed to ensure the built environment remains supported, fit-for-purpose and scales as the business needs evolve.

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